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Never Count Your Inventory Again.

Use Our Tracking Software To Process Orders Up To 5X Faster.
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Inventoryy Gives You Everything You Need

About Us

Inventory Management

Manage all your purchase orders, invoices, and inventory levels with ease. Streamline your business by bringing your vendors, customers, and products together.

Track Revenue & Profits

Forecasting Analytics

Track all your sales revenue and profits in real time. Easily identify your most profitable products and customers. Make decisions based on accurate data.

Discounted Shipping & Insurance Rates

Shipping & Insurance

Access commercial pricing from USPS, DHL, and UPS to print discounted shipping labels up to 78% off. Insure all packages, create international customs forms, and generate “end of the day” scan forms.

Serial Number Tracking

Track Serial Numbers

Track all products by serial number, UPC barcode, ESN/IMEI number, or any other unique identifier. Track the lifetime of each product with custom entry tags to identify where it was purchased and sold.

Sell On Multiple Channels (Coming Soon)

Multi-Channel Sync

Integrate all your marketplaces, retail stores, and warehouses in one place. Easily sync orders, pricing, and quantity of items without switching platforms. (In Beta)

Generate Barcodes

Barcode Generator

Create custom barcodes with product information to identify specific products. Seamlessly generate batch invoices and scan any barcode to see every detail.

Book A Call With Our Team To Set Up Your Own Custom Inventory System.

Here are a few FAQs to learn more...

Do you offer onboarding support?

Yes, we offer comprehensive onboarding support for our inventory management software to ensure a seamless transition for your business. Our dedicated onboarding team will begin with an initial consultation to discuss your business needs, assess your current inventory management processes, and determine how our software can best support you. We will also assist you in migrating your existing inventory data into our system, ensuring accuracy and minimal disruption to your operations.

What are the features of Inventoryy?

Inventoryy features include real-time inventory tracking, order management, purchasing, receiving, and reporting. Additional features include barcode scanning, return management, shipping labels, and integrations with e-commerce platforms and other business systems.

Can your software track serial numbers?

Yes, our software helps businesses easily manage serialized inventory. This includes features for assigning unique identifiers to individual units of inventory, tracking their movements and status, and providing businesses with greater visibility and control over their inventory.

Does Inventoryy offer barcode scanning capabilities?

Yes, Inventoryy offers barcode scanning capabilities. This feature helps businesses to streamline their inventory management process, reduce errors, and improve overall accuracy in their inventory tracking. Easily scan a barcode at any time to see the history or location of a product.

Can I purchase shipping labels through Inventoryy?

Yes, you can conveniently purchase shipping labels directly through our system. We understand the importance of a streamlined order fulfillment process, and that's why our software is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular shipping carriers. This integration allows you to generate and purchase shipping labels without leaving the Inventoryy platform, simplifying your workflow and saving you valuable time. Additionally, our system is capable of automatically calculating shipping costs based on the carrier, service level, package weight, and dimensions. Not only can you manage your inventory efficiently, but you can also handle all aspects of the shipping process in one user-friendly platform.

Can your software help with tracking returns?

Yes, our inventory management software includes features to help businesses manage returns and exchanges. This includes tracking the status of returns, managing stock movements, updating inventory levels, providing businesses with greater control over their inventory, and reducing the potential for errors.

Can Inventoryy generate custom reports and analytics?

Yes, our inventory management software can generate custom reports and analytics. This feature enables businesses to track key metrics, such as inventory turnover, stock levels, and sales performance, and gain insights into their operations, ultimately helping them make data-driven decisions to improve their inventory management processes.

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