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Using Inventoryy
Increases Sales. Period.

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Testimonials From Active Users

We've helped 1000+ companies grow around the world.


Growing Companies Use Inventoryy

Seamlessly manage your inventory, eCommerce channels, and warehouse operations on one centralized platform.

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Here's What You'll Get ๐Ÿ‘‡

โœ… Inventoryy Tracking Suite

Proprietary purchase order, invoicing, and warehouse management tools to manage your business.

โœ… One-Click eCom Integrations

Multi-channel sync automatically lists your inventory across all your integrated eCommerce channels.

โœ… Commercial Shipping Rates

The lowest commercial shipping rates in the industry, powered by the world's largest shipping companies.

โœ… Sales Forecasting & Analytics

Advanced algorithms to see and predict future revenue, stock levels, and recommended reorder quantities.


Still Using Spreadsheets? ๐Ÿคฎ

If you're doing any of the following below, you're working too hard!

โŒ Manually Counting Inventory

The biggest waste of time is manually counting inventory over and over and over.

โŒ "Guesstimating" Your Profit

If you truly don't know your numbers in your business...why are you even in business?

โŒ Shipping Packages 1-By-1

Would you rather keep fulfilling one order at a time or start fulfilling 50+ orders at a time? 

โŒ Working Without Growing

If your business isn't growing, it's time to rethink your operational strategy.

Inventoryy Raises The Bar ๐Ÿ‹๏ธ

With a combination of programmatic automation and seamless integrations.

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Unparalleled Inventory Tracking

Easily manage all your purchase orders, invoices, and inventory levels. Streamline your business by bringing your vendors, customers, and products together.

Connect eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce Auto-Listing

Integrate all your marketplaces, retail stores, and warehouses in one place. Easily sync orders, pricing, and quantity of items without switching platforms.

Commercial Shipping & Insurance

Volume Shipping Discounts

Access commercial pricing from USPS, DHL, and UPS to print discounted shipping labels up to 78% off. Insure all packages, create international customs forms, and generate โ€œend of the dayโ€ scan forms.

Analytics & Forecasting

Predictive Data Analytics

Bring in-depth analytics and real-time data to the forefront of your inventory planning. Use historical data and pricing to predict future sales and prevent overstocking.


The Average Inventoryy Seller Ships 21,000+ Orders Per Month.

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